Tuesday, May 29, 2007


If i was organized enough to put together a sidebar list of blogs I read, I'd add this right now. Because it is my new favoritest blog ever.


redman said...

i hoped it would be mine :)
i'm adding it to my sidebar though, mwa ha ha!
hey my cousin alex spotted twombly at my cousin cecilys MHC graduation.... hmmmm

Angie Anne said...

that is super awesome, and totally makes me wish i had photos of passive aggressive whiteboard notes of years past.

liz said...

b- twombly lives! crazy. also, your blog was my new favoritest blog ever like a month ago. that is forever in internet years.

a- i know! there was one recently in the bathroom at my work about how we shouldn't turn the light off because it would be dangerous to walk in thinking that there might be a weirdo in there. i should have taken a picture before it disappeared.