Thursday, June 7, 2007

live birth

There is a reader board on the way to my work that changes every week. This week, it reads:

If fish is brain food you better eat a whale!

If I were the type to leave passive aggressive notes, I would probably take the time to stop and let these people know that not only is their understanding of basic grammar pretty shaky, eating whale isn't really going to help anything, because whales aren't fish.


myrrh said...

Awesome. Stunning. My delusional notion of human intelligence just took a little dive. I'll advise it to eat some large aquatic mammals.

liz said...

i also can't help but wonder why you would put a mildly insulting phrase on your reader board. you know?

redman said...

this made me really happy. people are, mostly, complete morons. this is underscored every single day i spend behind the counter of a starbucks in the area of buffalo often compared to the outskirts of vegas.