Thursday, November 6, 2008

hell yes. of course we can.

Tuesday night, at Jimmy’s, it felt like this. It was all jumping and yelling and crying and hugging and then me getting really drunk and emphatic about things. The crazy thing is: it still feels like that.

This morning, a man I don’t know greeted me on the street. People are friendly in the midwest. This happens a lot. But this time, he didn’t say “Hi.” He didn’t mumble “How’s it going?” He just looked right at me and said “Yes we can.”

My feelings are complicated, to be sure, by the defeat of Prop 8 in California. It breaks my heart in a way that's made all the more personally crushing for its resonance with my first political experiences, working (just barely unsuccessfully) to attempt to add GLBTQ folks to Maine's nondiscrimination law. But all the same, it feels good around here. Really, really good.

(And now I'm going to go back to your regularly scheduled never updating my blog ever.)

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